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A Richer, Fuller Life Starts Now...

7 Day Self-Care and Soul-Care Mastery Course.

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Are you ready to feel deep soul connection and fully awakened in your body?

Are you willing to live feeling lighter, more fulfilled and complete?

Are you ready to experience a richer, fully alive YOU?

Sexy, Sacred, Sensual You 7 Day Self-Care and Soul-Care Mastery Course is a mindfulness-based, practical experience that heightens our self-awareness and authentic-soul connection. You will receive 7 Different Videos and Guided Audios, and questionnaires all meant to enrich your experience.  Michelle Alva, PT will empower you with FUNctional Ways To Live A Richer and Deeper Life, where you feel expansive, lighter and more fulfilled and connected to who you truly are, from the inside out.

Every woman is a sexy, creative, sensual and sacred being. Our nature is to grow, thrive, release and be abundant, rich and prosperous.

When every woman owns that this is her True nature, she inspires other women to do the same. For Centuries our past history has taken our power away and suppressed it. This 7 Day Self-Care and Soul-Care Mastery Course is all about coming back home, to that place inside where we feel divinely delicious and radiant, grateful and appreciate ourselves from the inside out. When we live from this place of feeling fulfilled, life becomes a celebration!

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$47 7 - Day Self-Care Mastery Course




Created by Michelle Alva, Physical Therapist,Intuitive Healer, Yoga Therapist, Belly dance Teacher, Sound Therapist and Professional Speaker with over 20 years experience

Do You Ever Feel There Is More Inside You...
But Something Keeps Holding You Back?

We often feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life and hardly ever prioritize sensual pleasure or self-care. This leaves us feeling resentful, tired and alone. We know deep down inside there is a strong vibrant woman waiting to come out.

Are You Ready to Feel More "In Love" with Your Body and More Connected To Your Heart and Soul's Joy?

When we give ourselves permission to feel fully the full range of our emotions, we get to feel our innate power and aliveness. Many of us have shut down from these parts. This 10 Day Program will teach you how to feel fully, process fully your past and connect deeply to your physical, energetic and emotional heart, body and soul's joy. When we do this, life feels easy, simple and light. Things just fall into place and we attract people and situations in our life, that are aligned with that which brings us enthusiasm. Life becomes a celebration!

Would You Like To Increase Your Vitality, Feel Supported and More Alive?

We often feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life and hardly ever prioritize sensual pleasure or self-care. This leaves us feeling resentful, tired and alone. We know deep down inside there is a strong vibrant woman waiting to come out.

Join Michelle Alva as she guides you on fun and playful journey back to a vibrant, loving, authentic version of yourself. Get ready to embody and experience your full creative force to feel passion and joy in your life again.

 Michelle has helped hundreds of women connect to their wholeness and love who they are at the deepest level. You will learn how to process and release emotional blockages and old beliefs that are keeping you stuck. So you can feel safe, supported and light. Gaining a new sense of clarity and purpose in your life.

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Your Life Will Never Be the Same

Register Now! $47

You will become a part of a community of women online to support, share and inspire you on your journey even after the 7 days.

This program is for you if you…

  • Feel there is much more inside you but something is holding you back
  • Are overwhelmed by the demands of daily life and never make time for self-care
  • Feel tired all the time and looking to increase your vitality
  • Feel suppressed, alone and not supported
  • Have lost your creative edge and passion
  • Feel deep inside you there is a strong, vibrant woman waiting to come out
  • Are always in your head and find it hard to turn off the mental chatter
  • Experience chronic low energy and stress
  • Want to learn new powerful ways to connect with your mind, body and soul
  • Are ready to live with clarity, aligned to your passions and true heart's desires
  • Are ready and willing to live honoring your intuitive guidance system and authentic self
  • Are ready to live a life filled with unlimited energy, abundance and contentment

What you will discover in the 7 Day Sexy, Sacred, Sensual You Program

  • Embrace, express and embody the different parts of who you are = healing on all levels
  • Learning a healthy way to relate to your body, mind, emotions and soul
  • How to release emotional blockages and negative beliefs, and create new healthy and empowering beliefs
  • Heal emotional pains and past traumatic blocks
  • How to let go in every cell of your being and forgive yourself and others
  • How to center and connect to your wholeness and gut guidance-intuition
  • Connect to your sensuality and feminine power to ignite creativity and purpose
  • Feel safe and supported – gain a sense of clarity and lightness
  • Connect to your vulnerable, authentic and powerful self
  • Embrace who you are completely, accept and love yourself on the deepest core level
  • Join a community of women online to offer you support, inspiration and empowerment beyond your 7 day journey.
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